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We use the Deutsch AutoSport line when we need the ultimate in durability in a compact package. This line of connectors is specially tailored for motorsports but has its roots in a European fighter jet project. With the integrated backshell, they work well with Raychem lipped boots to build a well protected connection.

The flanged versions of the receptacles (part number AS*0**) directly address our desire to have the harness supported at the connectors. As the heaviest part of the harness, they deserve your support. And, it generally leads to an easy to service car.

The ASL range is probably the most common connector in prototype road racing. These 5 terminal connectors (6 terminals in the AS007-35PN) conveniently accommodate 22-28 gauge wire. This makes them suitable for anything from sensors to lights (tail light, brake light, turn signal, ground in one 0.56" diameter connector).

Deutsch provides an excellent general AS series interconnect overview.

Additional technical details about the Deutsch AS series interconnect are also available.

Housing Flanged Receptacle
Terminals Pins
Cavities 6
Keyway Red (Standard)
Wire Gauge 22-26 AWG
Contact Size 22
Shell Size 7