Deutsch DT-ASL-6S
Deutsch DT-ASL-6S
Deutsch DT-ASL-6S
Deutsch DT-ASL-6S

Deutsch DT-ASL-6S

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The DT-ASL connector continues the successful tradition started with the DTM and ASL lines of connectors. This plastic bodied connector utilizes the same kind of gold, mil-spec terminals as the famous Deutsch ASL line of connectors. It is fully sealed, lightweight and compact.  The built-in tie down port and its rectangular shape allow connectors to be tied down singularly or in neat stacks (think Battery Management Systems etc.).  Secured in this fashion, the tie wrap has the additional benefit of locking the button-latching mechanism and assures that the mates stay securely locked together.  The scoop proof design reduces the risk of damage during harness installation.  The terminal size is perfect for modern motorsports sensors (typically 24-26 gauge) and motorsports engine and data sensor leads (typically 22 gauge).

Additional technical details about the DT-ASL(D369) connector series.









Black - Normal

Wire Gauge

22-26 AWG

Contact Size

AS Mini 22