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Deutsch HDT-48-00 Indent Crimper

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This is our tool of choice for crimping DTM, DT, DTP and Mil-Spec terminals.

This tool has a couple of features that make it better for the DIY, test lab and motorsports market than the mil-spec tool it is based on.

The green threaded position adjuster means it can crimp solid terminals for any of the mentioned connectors and more without the need to buy new positioners for each new connector. Combine that with wire gauge settings from 22ga to 12ga and you start to understand the versatility.

The indenting dies are staggered so that the crimp closer to the end of the wire is tighter than the crimp where the wire leaves the terminal. This solution promotes an air-tight crimp at the end, a relaxation of wire stress as it leaves the terminal and a greater robustness to process variation (non mil-spec wire etc.).

And if our history with this USA-made tool is any indication, this is the last solid contact crimper most of you will ever buy.

Proper use of this tool is shown in the Deutsch Common Contact documentation.