mil-spec connectors, ms3476l14-9p
mil-spec connectors, ms3476l14-9p

Mil-Spec MS3476L14-9P

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These robust, military-style connectors feature bayonet coupling and rear release contacts in a compact, circular connector system that set the benchmark for lighter motorsport-specific variants. They are compatible with all MIL-DTL-26482 Series II-qualified connectors mil-spec connectors used in motorsports, and as part of Deutsch's common contact system, the terminals are compatible with DTM, DT and DTP connectors.

Complete your system with a preformed boot for additional protection. Each order can be tailored to meet your specific need, so share your questions and ideas with us.

Housing Straight Plug
Terminals Pins
Cavities 9 (4 #12, 5 #20)
Wire Gauge 12-24 AWG
Contact Size 4 #12, 5 #20
Shell Size 14