About Us

Winning Championships with OEM Grade Engineering

Automatic Racing 2007

Electron Speed's first goal was solve drive by wire failures for a top flight BMW team. Utilizing our OEM calibration background in the MoTeC ECU to control the M54's IRTB drive by wire system resulted in reliable operation and eliminated this as a cause for DNFs. Ultimately this first gig led to a data engineer position at Automatic Racing as we raced to a 2007 Grand Am (IMSA now) GS season championship.

Inside Track on Prototype Development

Elan DP02 on the way to an IMSA Prototype Lites Championship in 2009 with Performance Tech.  The series is now called Prototype Challenge.

After being a part of the Elan DP02 design team's series building success, we have contributed to individual team successes. We are proud of our contribution to Performance Tech's multiple championships. This is aided by our engineering support and the MoTeC data system we installed. Drivers, engineers and crew chiefs alike can make the comparisons they need with ease.

As prototypes grow roofs and club racing grows, we are helping the next generation of cars find the right balance between complexity, performance and cost. We worked with Elan early in the NASA Prototype program to find ways to achieve program goals in the simplest ways. By integrating the NP01 battery kill switch into the driver's switch panel we significantly reduced program costs. This allowed room in the budget to upgrade harnessing materials.


Performance Tech's 38 Car at Sebring 2018

This Prototype focus continues through our recent Oreca LMP support.

Supplying America's Development Centers

When a Tier 1 supplier needs to demonstrate a prototype system in an OEM's test mule fleet, we can do a short run of harnesses. We use experience based design, skilled craftspeople and high quality materials to provide quick solutions where there is not a production optimized solution.

Land Speed Racing: Think Different

Al Lamb Bonneville LSR Bike - 2012

When speeds are measured in the hundreds of mph and the grip is low, you need to take different approaches to things like thermal management. MoTeC's legendary flexibility allow our creative approaches to shine. Rather than using ignition retard to reduce power if the rear wheel spins up, we reduce boost (and temperatures!).

LSR Bike on Dyno - 2015

The better we manage the heat, the smaller the coolant tanks (no drag inducing radiators) can be. Smaller tanks contribute to a smaller frontal area and less drag.

Data Based Development

Utilizing data can reduce costs and missteps as you incrementally move toward the long term goal. In this case, it exposed a boost issue but also quantified the real world effects of individual runner throttle bodies on inlet port flow. Even though the pressure in the inlet port was consistent, the flow through the inlet valves was disturbed by the throttle blades steering the air to a different part of the port. Manifold pressure was not a good indicator of load! This measurement led to incremental fueling improvements. Getting the most from expensive testing time drives a program toward long term success.

Race Proven Components

Toasty Coil

How do we know that the parts we use and sell in our estore are robust? We race! This car suffered a small engine fire. Even though the factory coil melted onto the engine our wires were durable enough that the car remained the fastest on the circuit, ran two sessions and qualified like this before there was a large enough schedule gap to fix it.

Our in house solutions also get race proven before we sell them retail. The Judy Blue cockpit light seen in the night scenes in this video has now illuminated controls through multiple Sebring 12 hour races at this point.

Total Vehicle Control

Viper - 2008

With our deep understanding of vehicle design and development based on 30+ years of experience, we can produce an electrical system that controls all aspects of a typical motorsports vehicle. When you use a total system supplier, you end up with a more tightly integrated system and no finger pointing. When the PrimeTime IMSA ALMS team upgraded to an Electron Speed controls system. They discovered new levels of reliability and functionality. We improved performance (traction control, power, fuel economy...) in a package that was easier on the driver (no-lift shift, automatic headlight control...). This level of control contributed to an ALMS Founders Cup win (best privateer team based on season points). Since then technology has continued to march forward.

Bimmerworld's 84 Car in 2013

In 2013 we took on 2 direct injection, forced induction projects and helped push MoTeCs M1 technology forward. Successes with those led to full car systems for Bimmerworld's N20 powered F30s and a supercharged FT86.

Carbon Switch Panel

In both of these cases, the heart of the system was the switch panel.

To be continued. See our Facebook page for the latest chapters.