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How to Choose a MoTeC Dash


MoTeC C185 Dash Display

The MoTeC C185 is the preferred choice when searching for a bulletproof, high end dashboard solution. Utilizing a professional autosport connector, the C185 gives users more I/O connectivity, vastly superior mathematical capabilities, and the ability to add useful custom visualizations.

The mathematical capabilities of the C185 allow users to configure custom actions based on a variety of parameters. A simple example would be turning on the radiator fan in pit lane automatically, but you could just as easily trigger a warning light if a driver is depressing the clutch prior to letting off the gas, potentially saving your rod bolts. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


MoTeC C125 Dash Display

The C125 display is MoTeC’s club oriented display hardware. Most competitors offer a dashboard that is a display and logger only, whereas the C125 is a display, logger, and a controller. Why is being a controller important? Try turning on a cooling fan if your differential temperature exceeds a certain threshold. Something that sounds simple is not easily accomplished with other display and logger only dashes.

Logging and reviewing data is just as vital as a proper setup. The C125 interfaces with MoTeC’s i2 Data Analysis Software for an affordable way to monitor your application. What’s monitored gets measured, and what’s measured gets improved.