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How to Choose a MoTeC ECU

Choosing the right ECU for your application

How to Choose a MoTeC ECU - MoTeC M800

Careful consideration of your applications needs will help determine the right ECU for you. Electron Speed has the ability to customize any ECU with the specifications of your choice.

Club Racer – MoTeC M84

If you are a club racer looking for a flexible programmable ECU to suit your engine management needs, look no further. The M84 offers the best mix of cost effectiveness, simplicity, reliability and the potential for data logging capabilities. This ECU coupled with Electron Speed customer support is a combination capable of suiting any of your needs.

Governing Bodies – MoTeC M1 series

Standardization, tamper resistance, and price are all important factors when looking for a potential spec ECU. The M1 series features configurable password based security to determine which parts of the calibration or logged data are viewable and editable (builder, tuner, customer).

The M1 is relatively early in its design cycle ensuring your series will have the most current ECU. Electron Speed has the ability to build customized code for any foreseeable or unforeseeable needs of the series.

Creative Projects, Engineering Project, Hybrid – M800 or M1 developmental series

If your projects require a high degree of customization, consider the M800 or the M1 development series. Electron Speed would love to help you tackle your complex and interesting projects; hybrids, torque bias, it doesn’t have to be a car!

Pro/Semi Pro Racing – M800 or M1 developmental series

For professional or semi-professional racers or those who requires adjustability of all aspects of their engine management hardware. The M800 or M1 developmental series offer flexibility, reliability and Electron Speed customer support.

Are you a DIY’er with an application that isn’t too complex? The M800 has the most flexibility out of the box whereas the M1 requires a customized software package to fully utilize its capabilities.

If you’re a tuner who likes to play with fuel and spark or a tinkerer who would prefer a modern interface, the M1 is the better choice. The M1 has the ability to view current and recently seen values of any variables, pause, go back in time, or even add data. Think of it as an easy to use DVR for your data. The M1 also features searchable and well documented help.

MoTeC ECU Comparison Chart
M84 M800 M1 Series
MoTeC M84 ECU MoTeC M800 ECU MoTeC M1 Series
Number of Cylinders
Sequential Up to 8 Up to 8
Optional 12
8 to 12
Group fire mode Up to 8 Up to 12 Up to 12
Rotary 2,3,4 2,3,4 2,3,4
Injector outputs 8 8‡ Up to 12
Ignition outputs 6 6‡ Up to 12
Auxiliary outputs 8 8 Up to 10
Option to use spare outputs No Yes Yes
Individual cylinder tables No Yes Yes
Trigger inputs (Ref/Sync) 2 2 2
Analogue voltage inputs 8 8 Up to 17
Analogue temperature inputs 3 6 Up to 6
Digital/speed inputs 4 4 4
Single Wideband Lambda inputs
5 wire
Yes Optional Optional
Dual Wideband Lambda inputs
5 wire
Optional Optional Optional
RS232 Yes Yes Yes
CAN Yes Yes Yes
LIN No No Yes
Data acquisition and telemetry
Data logging (option) 512 kB 1 MB 250MB
Maximum logging rate 100 Hz 200 Hz 200 Hz
Track mapping Yes Yes Yes
Data analysis using i2 Pro No option option
Telemetry No option option
Remote logging No option option
Functions and features
Boost control Yes Yes Yes
Nitrous injection Yes Yes Yes
Dual stage injection (Hi/Lo injection) Option Yes Yes
Ground speed limiting Yes Yes Yes
Traction and launch control Option Option Yes
Overrun boost enhancement (anti-lag) Option Option Yes
Gear change ignition cut (flat shifts) Option Option Yes
Stepper motor idle control Yes Yes Yes
Continuously variable camshaft control No Option Option
Drive by Wire throttle control No Option Option
Servo motor control No Option Option
Knock control No Optional using
Optional using
Ref/Sync Capture Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Config No Yes Yes
Password protection of configs/logs No Yes Yes
Expander compatibility IEX
Paddle Shift Control No Yes Yes