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How-To Guides

Here you can find various resources we think will help you achieve your goals.

Wiring Guide

We would love to build you a custom harness in our shop but we understand that isn’t for everyone. We still want you to succeed, so we’d like to share some of the secrets to our wiring success. Wiring is a skill just like welding is a skill. With good coaching and high quality tools anyone can build a decent harness, but becoming the best takes years of experience.

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How to Choose a MoTeC ECU

Careful consideration of your applications needs will help determine the right ECU for you. Electron Speed has the ability to customize any ECU with the specifications of your choice.

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How to Choose a MoteC Dash

Learn the difference between the MoTeC C185 (the preferred choice when searching for a bulletproof, high end dashboard solution) and the C125’s club oriented display hardware.

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Motorsports Connector Comparison

There are a dizzying array of connectors that could be used for your 22 gauge, three-wire sensor. Here is how the most common ones stack up.

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A Brief Description of CAN-Bus

CAN-bus is the most commonly used communication protocol in modern automotive, heavy industry, and motorsport data and control systems. Here we will explore what physically makes up a CAN-bus and how the system works.

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Common Contact System

How do we get so much robustness out of a cost effective plastic connector? Using Deutsch’s “Common Contact System”, we build connectors with mil-spec terminals, seals for thin mil-spec insulation and strain relieve with heat shrink boots. All of the brawn, none of the beauty.

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E30 Kill Switch

The obvious goal of any kill switch is to kill the engine and disconnect the battery. There are a number of ways to accomplish this goal with some methods having advantages over others. Most DIY’ers will use a mechanical kill switch due to its price and simplicity. With a little knowledge a safer, lighter, and more reliable kill switch can be created. Learn More about how to best install a kill switch in your E30.

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Solder Sleeves

Solder sleeves are our preferred method of joining multiple wires inside a harness. Check out our how-to guide on solder sleeves for a few tips and tricks.

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Three-Pole Kill Switch

A kill switch should disconnect ALL circuits from electrical power. The 3 pole kill switch is the most straight forward way to do this. Check out our how-to guide for an in-depth look at kill switches and their applications.

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