Motorsports Connector Comparison

Best motorsports connectors for sensors:

There are a dizzying array of connectors that could be used for your 22 gauge, three-wire sensor. Here is how the most common ones stack up:

ASU (3 pin) ASL (5 pin) DTM (3 pin) Mil-Spec (3 pin)
Connector Pair
Weight 4g 6g 13g 20g
Mated Length 31mm 31mm 59mm 58mm
Max Width 12mm 15mm 22mm 27mm
Flange 21mm 23mm NA 27mm
Typical Wire Gauges 22 and 26 22 and 26 22 and 18 22 and 18
Cost $$ $$ $ $


What connectors for what use?

Autosport vs. Mil-Spec

ASU (Autosport UltraLite HE)

This specialized connector is probably the most robust and lightest connector you will find for motorsports sensors and light power applications.

ASL (AutoSport MicroLite HE)

This connector is the "most widely used micro connector in autosport."  Its robustness extends its use from sensors to powering transponders, tail lights and more.  At half of the length and weight of a DTM connector, they are well suited for things like wheel speed and brake temperature sensors.  This MicroLite series of connectors also lend themselves well to the confines of sport bikes.

DTM (with mil-spec terminal upgrade)

These plastic bodied connectors are perfect for DIY motorsports.  They help a team run everything from sensors to the differential cooler.  And by sharing the same terminal as the mil-spec connectors, they allow a team to minimize the number of different tools they need to maintain their vehicle.  The Electron Speed provided versions are optimized for motorsports with seals for light weight wire, gold plated terminals and boot retainers where appropriate.

Mil-Spec (MIL-DTL-26482 Series II)

This has been the standard for robustness in motorsport for decades.  They are available with a mixture of terminal sizes in a single connector.  They extend the DTM, DT and DTP range of connectors up to 50+ terminal connectors and allow for mixed terminal sizes in a single connector to minimize the need for splices.

Autosport or Mil-Spec: The Bottom Line

Where low weight and small size matter more than cost, Autosport connectors (ASU, ASL etc.) are the right choice. If you need a connector you can trust but a common contact system, vintage compatibility or cost are at the top of your priority list, using true mil-spec terminals in the DTM, DT, DTP and MIL-DTL-26482 Series II line of connectors may be a better choice.

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