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Our Services

The core of our business has always been supporting our customers on and off the track. Let us know how we can help you go faster!

Track Support

We offer track support to a select number of teams each year, usually after having installed one of our data systems. We can’t say we have single handedly won championships for our teams, but we’d like to think we played a big part!

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Engine Calibration

While anyone can tune an engine at steady state, we think we are exceptionally good at dialing in throttle tip in, variable cams, drive by wire, traction control, and other complex functions.

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Harness Construction

Race cars are generally ground up builds. As racers know, quality products are not one size fits all, and this is true of good race electronics.

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Design and Consultation

We do a variety of work that helps team achieve their goals. This has generally fallen into two catagories: electrical system design and data based vehicle development.

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