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Raychem Boot - 202K111-25-0

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This Raychem tube is preformed to create a straight boot when it is heated. It has a reinforced lip to help grip the connector snugly. It tapers to a smaller diameter and thinner wall at the opposite end to gracefully transition to the harness.

These tough Raychem boots are a motorsports staple due to their excellent material properties. They are rated to:

  • Withstand 168 hours at 320 degrees F but still not crack when bent at -100 degrees F
  • Soak for 24 hours in hot gasoline and still have 80% of its original strength.

This part is NOT lined with any adhesive.

Continuous fuel immersion requires a part like 222K142-12-0. This material can withstand continuous immersion.

These PDFs show the dimensions of the boots:

202K* Boot Dimension PDF